December 9, 2014 at 8:25 pm

Decorating Glass Bottles with Glitter, Decoupage, etc

DIY luck themed decorative bottlesI though this was a fun project that Cheryl wanted to share. This is a lot different that what we usually post about so it gives a unique perspective on other things that can be done with etching. It looks like the main goal when etching this project was to roughen up the glass so items would stick better to the glass. The first bottle on the left looks like it might be themed for St. Patrick’s Day. The bottom photos have 2 Thanksgiving themed bottles and the right side shows a decorative bottle that could be used for a wedding.

Cheryl provided the below information and photos. Very cool! Click the photos for an enlarged view.

  1. I etched all the designs on the bottles first.
  2. Then used rub and buff to color them.
  3. Put glitter on them with decoupage.
  4. When dry, I put a sealer coat on them. I used the blue label which is dishwasher safe.
  5. I added rhinestones to some of them which you can get by the yard in the craft stores.

etched and glittered DIY decorated bottles groom and bride themed bottles


December 5, 2014 at 10:04 pm

Custom Etched Mustang Mirror by Shelly M.

This is one of my favorite, featured glass etchers I’ve seen lately. She provided a great explanation and goes into great detail to etch photos for clients. She provided the below. Love it! (Click on any of the photos for an enlarged view)

Shelley MangusMy name is Schelesia Mangus. I am the owner, designer and curator of Unique Beaded Gifts and Aquarium Chest Builders. My husband and I have been creating things together for 31 years now and I have been etching glass and mirrors since the 6th grade in school which is going on 40 years ago now. My art teacher, Mrs. Hooker at Madison Middle School taught this mirror etching craft using Etching Crème to our class that year and I began to create small things to give away as gifts. Over the years I have expanded my art to Store Fronts, Giant Mirrors for behind the counter in stores, china cabinet doors, as well as etched mirrors for wall hangings. I also create many other things that I sell locally and online.
2003 Mustang GTGT Mustang etched framed
When creating etched mirrors, I use the Etching Crème Technique, I prefer the brand Armour Etch Crème for most of my projects. For Custom Orders I first start with a photo or picture of what the person wants to be etched on the mirror, in this example I am etching a custom show car for a client. The car is a Red 2003 Mustang GT. I had the client send me a photograph which I then drew freehand the car itself in pencil which allows me to decide what areas I will etch and what areas I will leave mirror (as shown below).
Initial drawing of a Mustang GT

I then take the drawing and lettering if it has any and lay it out on the mirror and photograph it for approval from the client. In this case there were 2 layout styles, Square or Diamond shaped once framed. This Client chose the Diamond Shape (as shown below on the right). Once the client approves the layout I can then begin.

stencil place square on glass mirrorStencil placed on mirror diagonally.

At this point I will cover the mirror with Tacky Back paper Contact brand is the best in my opinion and I use white or clear depending on the project. In this case I used white Contact Paper. I then transfer my drawing to the actual Contact Paper and begin cutting out the areas that I want to have etched. I always send a photo to the client on a custom order job once the cutting is completed for one more final approval before I apply the Chemical Etching Crème. (see photo below)

stencil cutout

Once the client approves the final cut piece I will then apply the Etching Crème and complete the etching process, then remove all of the Contact Paper. (see photo below)

GT Mustang Etched

I will then send a photograph to the client for approval of the etched piece and once the client’s approval is received I will custom frame it (photo shown at top of article) in our woodshop where we build custom aquarium treasure chest stands.

I have had many clients order an aquarium stand and then request that I etch the glass of the aquarium. Etching Glass and Mirrors is a very relaxing process to me, the ideas are endless as every layout can be cut in several ways giving a different look to each piece of glass or mirror. I create many pieces over and over but there are never 2 exactly the same as I make sure that I change at least one thing on each mirror to make it a One of a Kind. I pride myself in craftsmanship and accuracy of depicting exactly what the client is looking for when they place their custom orders.

Thank you for spending time with me today. I enjoy sharing my craft and expertise and look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions as I am always looking for new ways to expand my craft.

Shelley Mangus


December 1, 2014 at 11:34 pm

Fun bottle project with no waste!

This project was created because my breakfast restaurant needed some personalized cream containers for those who don’t want to use prepackaged creamers.

I cut the bottles below the existing seam in the glass.

When I created the containers, there was a part of the bottle left. It sure looked like a bell to me. By adding a bit of sandblasting and a clangor, it now is a bell that will make nice gifts for the servers at the restaurant and others.
I started with a “Texas Pete” hot sauce bottle supplied by the restaurant.


Bottle Uncut

bottle-cut (381x440)

Bottle Cut

bottle-bottom-etched (309x440)

Bottle Bottom (The cream container is engraved.)

bottle-etched-top (312x440)

Bottle top (The bell is sandblasted.)


November 29, 2014 at 7:50 pm

Hand Engraved Mirror by Mark T.

I am pleased to feature our third subscriber. In this post, Mark T. sent over an excellent picture of a mirror he engraved of a wolf. The detail in this engraving is amazing. Just click on the picture to see a close up view of the detail. Mark provided the following details about his work. Very interesting!

Hand Engraved MirrorI’ve developed a technique that is a combination of glass engraving and lighted sign production. I’ve been an artist / sign painter / craftsman my entire career. ( 36 years ) I really enjoy the glass engraving. It may actually shock you to know that the wolf mirror is my very first attempt at this new technique. Based on the outcome, I’d say it works just fine. I’ve applied for a utility patent on this process, whether or not I am granted this patent remains up to the patent office. I am also applying for a Trademark. Also note that this process can be done in full color images also. I’m going to engrave a TIGER in the jungle next. I will also be including a new trick that will actually make it seem 3-D ! I can’t wait to show you the results. I need to get a video camera or a web camera to film the process, I will send you a copy of the video when completed.


November 24, 2014 at 11:47 pm

Etchings on Steins, Mirrors, and Wine Glasses by William L.

A baby picture etched in a stein.Our second featured glass etcher is William Lay. He sent over this etching of his grandson on a stein and gave it to his dad for Father’s Day. He told me that his son really treasures that stein. I have always said that the homemade etchings that are personalized are the best gifts! He shared the below details on how he etched it, along with a lot of great etchings below.
(Click on the photos to see an enlarged view)

The way I did this was I loaded the picture into my program. I had to remove the background, manipulate it to make it black and white, loaded it into my sure cuts a lot pro, traced it, manipulated it to get the look I wanted, cut it out on my vinyl cutter.

I then picked the areas that I wanted to have etched, masked the rest of the mug off and took it to the sand blaster, blasted the mug, cleaned it up and gave it to my son. He is so proud of that mug.

I have also etched some mirrors with my late wife’s picture in it and gave it to my children. Something they will always treasure for sure.

Looks to be a Etched Mirror for a Volleyball Team

Etched mirror frame for volleyball team.

A Great Set of Blue Wine Glasses Etched


A Personalized Stein Etched with Symbol


An Etched Stein with Minnesota Vikings Logo


A Large Mirror Etched for a Celebration- I am guessing it is for a wedding


An Etching on a Stein with a Logo


I enjoyed looking at these etchings and to just get some ideas. Thank you William! If you have any comments or questions for him, please leave them below.


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