Glass cutting oil with Toyo cutter.I recently got this question about glass cutters and oil.
I just received the Toyo glass cutter (which was suggested in my bottle cutter plans). It’s oil filled. How can that work based on the position of the cutter in the guide? Oil does not run uphill. Thanks in advance, Jim”

My response: The oil isn’t necessarily required but it does prolong the life of the cutter and help making a nicer cut. Even if you don’t use the oil, you will still get a much longer lasting life and a much cleaner cut than those cheapie cutters.

Cutting glass with a cutter wheel.If you wanted to, you can just brush a little bit on the cutter wheel before use. Many glass art professionals don’t even use the self oiling thing and just dip it in a small cup of oil.  If you are looking for oil, I provided links to some brands below.

Cutting Oil


March 29, 2014 at 8:01 pm

How to Sign up for the Member’s Area (Video)

I created this quick video which shows you how to register through the member’s area and view all the tutorials on etching and sandcarving. Please press the play button below to view and ask me any questions in the comments area.

The topics covered in the video are:

  1. Registering (link here)
  2. Member’s access & finding the login (link here)
  3. Viewing Content
  4. Community

If you haven’t signed up to get access yet, you can do so on this page. The middle option is the most popular. If you already registered, you can login here:

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March 6, 2014 at 9:28 am

Scm Sandblasting system with stenciling Kit (For Sale)

Attention: After helping a few others sell their etching equipment, I have been getting other people emailing me. I am happy to help out my subscribers, so here is another person (Sam) who is selling a Jet Stream Two sandblasting system. Again, I am not affiliated with this so please do your own research. Thanks … Eric

Sam shared the following description about the equipment with photos. Click the photos to see the enlarged view. Feel free to ask him any questions in the comments section also.

For Sale

Etching photoresist kit for stencil making.This is a most popular systems for those who looking in Deep carving capabilities on rock, glass and wood. Great for portability. Full marketing program included.**(If you’d love to start your own business at home – in a career that’s both enjoyable and profitable – here’s a golden and affordable opportunity for you or adding in the laser systems that need deep carving capabilities.)


- Exposure System
This exposure system unit is a compact unit which provides exceptional imaging results. The unique cylindrical design provides an exposure area up to an 11″ x 14″ size. With the built-in timer, you are assured an accurate exposure. This system allows you to create Laser precision Detail with no hand cutting. You can create one of a kind or mass production projects in minutes which used to take hours.

** Photo Image Film
The key to creating Laser Precision detail. 10 sheets. (10″ x 12″ size) of 3 mil. thick photo image film.The nice feature with the photo image film is you only have to use the size piece of film for your project so there is no wasted film. You will have plenty of film for many different projects.
** Photo Image Instructions
Written details on the photo image process.
Complete Video Training
The training will take you every step of the way from the proper settings to exposing thru applying to your different surfaces such as Glass, Stone, Wood, Metal and more. You will be making perfect designs right from the start. The Training will show you how to make your larger designs as well. This video walks you through the photo image process step-by-step.
** Trigger Jet Sprayer
The trigger jet provides a unique opportunity for the photo image user to effectively wash out and develop their images after exposure. The trigger jet uses ordinary water. The complete process is environmentally safe. No more hand-washing, the trigger jet allows you to achieve extremely detailed stencils in minutes.
Application Adhesive
This specially formulated photo image application adhesive adheres the stencil to your surface. This adhesive is sandblast able and water soluble.
** Art Library
Hundreds of designs perfect for sandblasting.
** Vellum
This vellum allows the exposure of light to transmit the black and white artwork to the film, other paper prohibits the light. This combined with the Photo Image Film allows for Laser Precision Detail.

Hopper mounted sandblaster by Jet Stream 2.** JET STREAM TWO

  • Tungsten-Carbide Nozzle- 1/8″ long lasting, quick release tip is included.
  • 40 lb. Pressure Pot Hopper-Mounted

This great feature allows you to, with simple pull of a lever, filter and fill the pressure pot without touching the abrasive. Another great feature for precise adjustments, is the self-sealing pressure pot for quick media adjustments. We also offer an optional 100lb Pressure Pot for portability. This system is designed for Laser Precision Detail as well as Deep Carving capabilities. Everything about this system is designed and built to handle the delicate detail and the portable projects you will produce. The venturies and mixing valves are all heavy duty built for production.

  • Foot Control

Simply put this is the best foot control on the market today. The older style had a diaphragm gasket and had to make many bends and turns to operate. The Easy Flow Valve is straight thru. This means higher flow rates without any disruptions in grit flow. It is a must in producing you products. Lightning fast on/off foot pedal controls the air flow to the handpiece for precise control.
** Abrasive Sand
50 pounds of aluminum oxide, 180 grit.
** Dust Collector
Dual filtration 90cfm, 115 volt with collection 5 micron bag. Including all connections for simple hook up.
Jet stream 2 cabinet with dust collector.** Jet Stream Cabinet
The Jet Stream Two cabinet comes with everything you need. It comes with a pair of comfortable gloves to control the objects being sandblasted. Heavy duty construction. Large side loading door, large viewing windows, oblong arm holes for greater flexibility inside the cabinet, easy adjustment of abrasive mix. The Jet Stream Two is built to withstand the light duty gift items as well as the heavy duty of Stone and Rock carving with everything in between.

** Instructional Video
exclusive training tapes will take you every step of the way from setting up your system to placing your stencils to adding color. We cover all the different surfaces for you. No guess work involved. This training video will walk you through the system set-up and sandcarving techniques on glass, wood, stone, multistage and coloring techniques. How to recycle your grit, going portable, Laser precision detail to deep carving we cover it all for you.
** Instructional Manual
** Complete instruction manual for operation.
Shipping Weight
225 lbs
Dimensions Overall Inside Window
Width 38.5″ 38″ 25.5
Height 63″ 24″ 10.5″
Depth 24.5″ 24″


Please Call SAM for more information today at 510-798-0366. This is located in San leandro,CA. I can offer the option of shipping or local pickup will be fine.

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February 26, 2014 at 9:13 pm

Etched Lion in Glass by Holder Artist? (For Sale)

A lion etched in glass with a zoom upA man named Mike sent me these pictures of an interesting lion etched in a medium sized thick glass. Two reasons for this post:

  • 1- We want to know if anyone knows about this etching and a possible artist named Holder (as seen in the signature).
  • 2- He is trying to sell this, so let him know if you are interested.

Please see the photos he provided and leave a comment if you have heard of an artist by the name of Holder. You can see the enlarged pictures by clicking on them. It will open a new window with the large view. Mike left me the follow message.

A lion etched 1/4 inch deep by sandcarving.This beautiful piece of art is up for sale.. The Lion represents the Samburu Tribe (Kenya Africa)
It stands 3ft. tall x 2ft. wide 1” thick with 1/4” deep etching.
What kind of glass etching is this? Any idea who I can sell this to? Estimated value?
I haven’t been able to find any information on this piece of art whatsoever.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks again. -Matt


Artist: Holder

3-lion-etched-close 4-lion-etched-closer 5-lion-etched-signature 6-lion-etched-name

Note: There is a small chip off the glass on the upper right hand corner. Can be fixed or easily covered by a frame.cracked-edge-on-glass


February 26, 2014 at 8:24 pm

Rayzist Sandblasting Equipment & Cutter For Sale

Sand Carving Equipment – Now Sold

Sandblasting Cabinet by Rayzist.Note: This is a classified ad that someone provided me. She asked me if I knew anyone that would be interested so I offered to let others know about it. I have no affiliation with her and am just relaying the message. Please contact her directly or leave a comment below with any questions. You can view larger photos of the equipment by clicking on the photo. It will open in a new window.


If you have ever wanted to get into sand carving (ornaments, awards, stones, plaques, etc.), I have everything you need at a substantial savings. Everything is in perfect working order, and has been very well cared for.

Sandblasting cabinet door and view inside.I have a Rayzist Sandblasting Cabinet, with the compatible hopper and a large 27 Gallon, 5 HP, 115 Volt Coleman Power Mate Compressor. I have buckets of Silicon and Aluminum Oxide. I have several replacement tips and some extraneous parts. This cabinet has been well cared-for. I bought this directly from Rayzist. It is 8 years old, but has very little use. It is in pristine condition. I have only used it for glass ornaments, awards and stone, and it does an absolutely awesome job. It measures 40″ w x 34″ deep, and is approximately 7’ high (the motor for the vacuum sits on top). It has an amazing filter system built in.  I would like to sell everything listed together if possible, and can give you the best deal in that case, but will break it up if necessary.

The Ultra Pro Cutter for cutting stencils, signs, and decals.I also have a Vinyl Express Ultra Pro Cutter. (Pam included a document which explains it which she wrote on another site here.) It measures 34″ wide and 41″ tall (on its stand). It comes with some books, (logos and artwork) the manual, the software, the dongle, and some accessories. To save you from having to purchase additional software, I am also including my Sony Vaio desktop, which has the software already installed…otherwise, you would have to purchase it on the ‘cloud’ from the company unless you have a computer that still runs XP. It is in pristine condition. It will handle Hartco films and other heavy resists, as well as normal vinyl and specialty vinyl. I also have the plotting pen for it, and some extra blades. It’s very nice. The company I purchased it from is also very supportive and has great customer service and tech support.

Ornament glass blanksI have over 200 glass ornament blanks, and quite a few more that are thicker crystal and come in very nice gift boxes. Also, some glass blanks and award glass.

I also have a NUARC Mercury Exposure System. This is how you develop your resist. It’s awesome, and the metal halide light bulb has probably less than 2 hours on it total. (These are a little pricey, so that’s a plus). It is in perfect condition.

NUARC professional photoresist exposure unit.

This has been sold, but feel free to ask questions about the equipment below.


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