Glass Etching Equipment

Needed Materials for Sandblasting or Sandcarving Glass & How to Save a lot of Money

I usually keep the terms, etching equipment affiliated with the sandblasting process because you need more start-up devices rather than a just a few supplies required for the cream. Seek the supplies section for materials needed when cream etching.

The resources needed to sandblast glass can usually add up to costing a few thousand dollars. Is it worth the investment instead of the cheap cream etching method? In my opinion, it is worth the cost if you decide to continue with this hobby for a long time. Trust me, if you do plan to sandblast glass, you probably will stick with it because it can get addicting and is an exciting glass art hobby.

Sandblast etching process inside abrasive cabinet. Have you ever seen prices for sandblasting equipment from companies? It’s ridiculously expensive, and a general hobbyist usually can’t afford it. So I found some solutions for you and wrote Glass Etching Secrets to help save you money. The small investment in the info. manual can end up saving you money (if not, its risk free) and still have advanced systems to make sandblasting or sandcarving extra exciting. If you already have an air compressor, then you are even closer to acquiring low cost equipment. However, the information doesn’t show you low cost budget air compressors because I recommend buying a quality one since it is a high wear item.

Sandblasting Equipment Checklist

Below is some of the basic materials & tools needed:

  • Sandblaster
  • Air compressor (with sufficient capacity with chosen sandblaster)
  • Abrasive media (best pick is generic sand grit)
  • Vinyl resist material (for creating stencil)
  • Glass etching patterns or design
  • Hobby knife and pencil
  • Protective apparel (eye protection, respirator, gloves, clothing, etc.)

You may need some of the other recommended components if a cabinet is used to contain the sandblaster abrasive. I cover these topics in more depth in my member’s area, which goes along with the ebook, so you know exactly what to buy. It also shows you resources that I found with the lowest prices and explains items that are actually more cost effective in the long run.

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