Download Your Free Patterns Instantly Below

I have just updated some of my patterns for everyone to use. Some are for surface etching and/or sandcarving with the sandblaster. You are free to use these for your own craft projects.

All I ask, please give credit by placing a link here to its source. Some are simple block designs and some can be used for artistic multi-stage etching techniques.

All you need to do is download and save them to your computer. We will give you updates of more patterns as they are produced and more information on etching, crafty ideas, & tutorials by subscribing to the newsletter. I may include the re sizable vector graphics for free if you are interested.

Just click on the logos for the patterns that you would like to download, and it will take you to an enlarged view. Then just right click on the logo and save.

Once you have the images saved on your computer, you can then alter them with an image editing software to include text, add extra graphics together, etc.

If your unaware or don’t want to spend a lot of money on a graphic software program, then you may want to consider reading my ebook here.

You could buy a book from the store, but I have never seen any book show information on how to save money and get software free. And besides you instantly download the information which saves you a trip to the bookstore.

Anyway I hope you enjoy these and be sure to subscribe to the updates of additional graphics only available to subscribers.

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