Ways to Create Frosted Glass for Do It Yourselves

The main point of frosting glass is to get more privacy and/ or protect inside furniture from becoming damaged by the brutal sun’s rays. Although you could buy some shades to block out the rays, it doesn’t allow some light inside like frosting the glass does.


There are different ways to frost glass revealed here that anyone can do themselves, but before you begin you should know understand the different looks that each process creates. You can either etch it into the glass or apply a glass frosting spray. This will give you privacy and still allow some sunlight to shine through.

    • Glass Frosting Spray:

Frosting spray is quick, easy, and fairly inexpensive. You can usually get this at your local hardware store. This is kind of cheap looking, and since I like a classy appeal, I suggest the other way below.

    • Etching the glass:

Etching the glass will give you a more elegant and classy look to your windows. There are two different ways to that this can be etched. One way is to use acid cream, but it may not be suitable for large glass surfaces. The other is to use abrasives with a glass sandblasting and sandcarving systems which produces the most elegant look. If you plan on doing this your self, you should know the limitations of the glass with this process because you may break your glass. Consult the Glass Etching Secrets ebook for more information if you plan on doing this yourself. It’s not hard to do this yourself, but without the right knowledge you can mess this up and damage your expensive glass easily.

Being Creative with Spray

If you frost the glass with the spray, I suggest getting creative with it. You can create patterns of etched and unetched designs that reveal a custom picture. It will give a nice decorative feel to your house with more appealing art glass windows. This is something that our website and ebook goes over called etching. Basically, before you etch, you place a stencil on your glass and frost areas in a pattern sequence. It’s fun so try it out! Feel free to stay tuned to our blog for ideas.

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