Video 1: Inexpensive Glass Items to Etch & Sandcarve


WOW- I didn’t realize I said “COOL” so much. Lol, sorry about that. Hope you can see past that and get some helpful information out of the video. Anyway please leave a comment and click the social media buttons below for future reference & to share it. Thanks!

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  1. Elaine says:

    It was a good report and had some good ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    • Eric Robert Eric Robert says:

      Thanks Elaine, be sure to check back at times, because I will be constantly updating it.

      • john says:

        Eric, thank you so much for a great video. I am getting to do some wine glasses this weekend. My question is can I make text like “till death do us part” and their names and dates using a Silouhette. Cameo? Or is their another way to make stencils? I just received the cameo but haven’t opened it yet. Bought it mainly for airbrushing templates. Any advise appreciated. Thanx again.

        • Eric Robert Eric Robert says:

          Yes, you would just use some adhesive backed sign vinyl instead of airbrushing templates. If you have that thing, you all all set!

          • john says:

            Thanx Eric, will let yo know how they come out. PS what would be a good substrate for cutting airbrush stencils with my cameo. Also can’t find vinyl locally. Any places you know to get it besides on line? Thanx

          • cheryl says:

            I buy my vinyl online, depending where you live some of the online companies you can get your vinyl supplies the next day

          • Carolyn Patterson says:

            Nice job, I have done some cream etching in the past, just received a sandblast cabinet for Christmas. I hope to learn a lot from your information sharing.

    • Wayne says:

      Eric, enjoyed the info. Please keep it coming!

      • Wayne says:

        Can I sandblast the backs of mirrors to give them a old appearance look from the front? Also , what pressure should I use ?

        • Eric Robert Eric Robert says:

          Wayne, you definitely can etch the back. The required pressure really can vary based on the thickness of the back paint and how course your grit is. Usually 30 -60 psi will be enough but just start at a lower pressure and work up until it etches quick enough.

    • william says:

      i`m very impressed and also hooked, thanks so much for the heads up!

  2. Betty says:

    Thank you very much for the information. I have enyoyed it very much and lookforward to hearing more(beginner in this craft)

    • Eric Robert Eric Robert says:

      Betty, feel free to ask any questions. Happy to help

      • JP says:

        Just finished watching the video. Good ideas. I haven’t read through all the posts but I did want to suggest that you can find a lot of glass items at local thrift stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Hospice Thrift stores, ASPCA Thrift stores. The places to shop are endless. Also, garage sales or church sales. Thanks for posting the video. God bless.

  3. Jim Cole says:

    Loved the video. The dark candle in the glass container will be on my “to do” list for christmas gifts. I have also etched glass blocks from Home Depot. You can etch both sides.

  4. Chuck Cholka says:

    Good info. Do you have other videos on glass etching?

  5. Debra Sheffield says:

    Thanks much for sharing,this was very helpful for me always interested in new tricks since I’am new at this.Please keep all your ideas coming I enjoy all your post you do beautiful and interesting work it is so inspiring , again many thanks to you.

  6. Lucy D says:

    Garage/yard and tag sales are also great sources for cheap glass for etching or engraving.

  7. Anita K says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas, i am very new at etching as i’ve not actually tried it yet, everything is ordered just waiting for delivery, so any helpful hints for true beginners would be much appreciated

  8. Barbara says:

    Which etches better acid or sandblasting. Love doing it.
    You have done some amazing pieces.

    • Eric Robert Eric Robert says:

      If you’re referring to hydrofluoric acid, then they both look great. Acid cream on the other hand is not as professional but I am putting together info. on making them really stand out. Thx for the question

  9. Grandma Bonnie says:

    Glad I found this… Love your ideas / Right now all I do is etch on the Redneck Wine Glasses, but when that calms down, I would love get serious with this craft – looking forward to learning and sharing ideas!

  10. Jeff says:

    Thanx for giving me the brief overview. I’ve not done ANY etchings yet, but want to start soon. For me my first endeavors will be for hobby and fun. I look forward to future videos from you. Maybe someday give us a step by step video progression of a small project.
    Thanx again
    Keep up the good work !!

    • william kolsteren. says:

      Hi Eric,you explain it verry good in your video.the glasses i wont use are the one with a seam in it. thanks william.

  11. Mike Perna says:

    Great video Eric. Always coming up with good ideas.
    I have started etching on colored 4×4 tiles and painting the area with spray paint as well as blasting mirrors from behind and painting.

  12. Herb says:

    I’m having trouble in two areas. 1.) I’m not sure if I’m a member or not. I asks for information and says go to someplace to confirm registration. It just gets me to a standstill. I have no idea of the validity. I’m trying.
    2.) The video seems to break-up a little and I’m having trouble concentrating on the video in it’s entirety.
    3.)Is there another way to verify my membership? I have no idea where I stand

    • Eric Robert Eric Robert says:

      Yes, you are signed up to the email newsletter so please stay tune to my emails. I will be releasing the other videos by email. If you have a slower internet, press the pause button and wait a few minutes for it to fully stream first. Then press play.

  13. Krista says:

    Nicely done. I like that you were thorough, showing not just the items but also where you’ve been able to find them. Each segment or clip wasn’t too long and as a whole the video didn’t feel like it was 10 minutes because of the way it was put together. Your voice was clear and could be easily heard and I appreciated that you were organized about what you were talking about. Very professional. Thanks.

  14. Jill says:

    Great information, thank you! I love etching and am limited with finding templates, do you have any ideas on that?

    • Eric Robert Eric Robert says:

      Oh, yes- I have a whole bunch of places of where to get awesome patterns to use for etching and sandcarving. Standby though, I am putting the list together.

  15. Chuck says:

    Eric this is so cool…. Its been awhile since Ive really had time to try and concentrate on this. Like they say “To many irons in the fire”. Hopefully now that its cooled down here and outside work has slowed down I can get back on this. I don’t know about anyone else here but you go above and beyond trying to help with any question anyone has. I’m sure that everyone here apperciates everything that you do for us. Thanks for sharing your hobby

  16. Nadina Piehl says:

    Nice video Eric. You are doing a bang-up job in promoting the art of glass etching. I’ve had a lot of success in etching wine glasses, coffee cups, especially the Irish coffee cups which make great gifts. I keep a sharp eye out at thrift shops and pick up any glass items from vases to bowls that can be etched. Thanks for your hard work.

  17. Ann Matheson says:

    Great ideas I never thought of some of the and I have tried others but all in all great thanks.

  18. Ed Moxey says:

    Keep up the good work,I enjoy your info on etching.

  19. Pieter says:

    Hi Eric, thanks for the video! Getting to be an expert in cutting stencils–practice makes perect!Took apprx.30 minutes to watch the video due to break-ups–sorry Herb but pressing down on the pause button did not work for me.Regards

  20. SSP says:

    Thanks for the update and info-Appreciate it

  21. Tim Canada says:

    Thanks Eric, great ideas, almost as good as the Bengals win today. Pie plates is another thing that I etch on. Also another good place to get cheap glass is at the good will, they have lots of cups and wine glasses for a dollar.

    • Eric Robert Eric Robert says:

      lol, it was even better last week when they dominated the Giants. Great ideas though Tim. I will eventually add all these to the report.

  22. David says:

    Thank you Eric for a great video. Appreciate you tips and advice regarding the various glass products and techniques. I’ve been practicing on glass mugs purchased from Dollar Tree and have tried etching cream as well as engraving glass with a Dremel tool. Have not tried sand-etching yet. Still need to practice more to improve my skill and quality etchings. Look forward to additional videos.

  23. Jim says:

    The information in your first video is useful, as is the pdf file. Will be interested in future information about equipment. I do laser cutting and engraving, but like to do sandblasting, as it cuts deeper than laser engraving.

  24. Judith Baller says:

    Thank you some really good ideas put forward now I just need time to explore these options

  25. Herb says:

    Eric, Only problem was video breaking up. Still was encouraging to continue. Thanks so much. You’ve kept me more enthusiasthic then when I first thought about etching. But, can you produce a video with actual work being don’t want to loose but so much money ‘experimenting’. Hands on video would be SUPER.
    Thanx again

  26. Linda Upcott says:

    was very interesting Thanks for sending it to me

  27. Herb says:

    For some reason I just went back and listened to my first tape. Must have been my computer because the second time around my audio was great. Time tp press on. Thanx again

  28. Tony says:

    Eric, what glass paint do you use and do you apply with a mask or just freehand it?

    • Eric Robert Eric Robert says:

      That depends. There are a few different ones I use- some freehand with a brush and others with spray painted both using the mask. If you’re referring to the one in the video its this permanent transparent paint from Vitrea. I can look up the link for you if you’d like. Send me an email if you are interested.

  29. tony says:

    I think I’m having computer problems, I feel sure that video 2 was out but now it’s gone.
    I did something wrong at my end didn’t I?

  30. Kelly Craig says:

    As usual, you’re a gold mine of information and ideas. Thanks ever so much Eric.

    Just a reminder, panels for sliding patio doors, shower doors and other tempered glass should not be used for carving and etching should be limited to just enough to give a “solid” appearance. Tempered glass relies on stresses in the glass to cause it to break into smaller, safer pieces. Etching or carving too deep (e.g., over 50,000 of an inch)can cause the glass to shatter during the etch/carve operation or during what, otherwise, would be reasonable use.

    Etching limited to just enough to create a solid appearing silhouette should be no problem. If the transition from etched glass to smooth surface catches your finger nail, it may be too deep.

  31. Kadhlas says:

    Thks for the interesting info. really appreciate it. I have not started etching as yet, awaiting delivery of materials, however I am just wondering how do they paint the glasses with colours, is there a special paint, process?
    Thanks agains for the info, well done, keep it up!

    • Eric Robert Eric Robert says:

      There is a bunch of different types of glass paint. Some require them to be baked on and others don’t. It just depends on what you get.

  32. Jessica says:

    This way a very great video. I can’t wait to get started on some of your ideas. I was wondering were do you get your vinyl from for making stencils?

    • Eric Robert Eric Robert says:

      It varies on what I am doing so I use a few types. When I use my vinyl cutter, I use Oracal 631. If using cream, you can use contact paper

  33. Ross Wease says:

    Hey Eric What do you suggest to replace aluminum oxide fine grit 180?
    Looking for something safer to use.

  34. David says:

    Wow! There are so many great ideas for etching or sandcarving glassware. I really appreciate your tips and advice, Eric. Please keep them coming as I plan on trying some of your creative projects. Have already done a little cream etching as well as engraving glass with diamond burrs. Wish to try sand etching next. Have found instructions online to making my own sand-blasting tank out of a plastic storage bin. This helps in keeping costs down. Thanks again.

  35. Petro van der Merwe says:

    Awesome…..Learn every day more and more

  36. Larry says:


    How are you doing today sir? I really want to start sandblasting as a hobby and maybe it might turn to some else , but I just retired from the army. I have been doing woodworking for the last 15 years but I really want to try glass art but do not have that much money to blow, and would love to hear for you where do I start?

    • Eric Robert Eric Robert says:

      I’m great. Thanks for asking. You came to the right place. These videos will talk a little bit about it and we also have a membership site. Sandblasting glass can actually compliment woodworking also by making frames. You can even engrave wood with sandblasting also which can make it even more interesting.

  37. Sam says:

    Thanks! Awesome information. A lot of those items are commonly used and seen, and I would not have even thought about etching them. Had my head stuck on cups, glasses, mugs and vases only.

  38. Jeannette says:

    Just watched the first video and and got some ideas for future gifts. Thanks for making the info available.

  39. Sallie Miller says:

    We loved the e book. Thanks.

  40. Marina says:

    Thank you for the first video, but gotta say is just enough to get me really hungry to get started. Need more info. Went looking for a creation cutter and not sure if that is what I need for stencils or what do I or where do I start. I have to say Wow exciting projects!

  41. Yves says:

    Wow, the sky is the limit! There’s so many ideas, very good compilation Eric, nice work, thank you. Now how to etch? I’m impatient :)

  42. kyle says:

    hey eric. i was wondering about a stencil machine that i seen in one of your videos. and how do i go about getting one? can you send me some info?

  43. jaie says:

    I love the info you have here I am a beginner .I have etched in mirrors before but with a dremel . Ive tried etching cream ,,not really my cup of tea so Im going the elcheapo approuch buying my items one at a time like my sand blasting cabinet and my sandblasting air tank is on its way ,I really hope I can learn much more from you specially with the stencils .and great job on the video great info thanks

  44. Randy says:

    Good information! Looking forward to learning more.

  45. Mary Elizabeth Watts says:

    Thank you for sharing your Ideas, I found them very inspiring,I can’t wait to get started on making some lovely gifts

  46. BC says:

    Very interesting video. It got me thinking about different applications. I have yet to try etching.
    Soon to be my new endeavor. Thanks

  47. Ree Groves says:

    Thank you for sharing your ideas, you seem to me to be the only person honest& informative enough to put your suggestions into facts, that goes along way when you are a sort of novice & a pensioner like my self??? LOL. I will definately be following your site from now on. Really, I thought that you could etch onto any sort of glass, well that just shows you ah! I will have to double think my projects now won’t I?? Well Eric many thanks again for sharing Regards Ree from “Down Under, Aussy”

  48. Ree Groves says:

    I have no idea why I’ve come up again what did I do wrong????????? Have a good DAY!!!

  49. C Perry says:

    Great video, of information..

  50. C Perry says:

    Great video, lots of information…

  51. Scott H says:

    That is great in some of the ideas in buying things for etching on. I am always looking for things to etch on that are not that expensive to do I etched my own wine bottles for our wedding that I gave to everyone that was there I enjoyed that I’m really. Looking forward in seeing more great ideas and information

  52. Sharmin says:

    Eric, I just recently, as recent I mean in the last week, decided to try etching and after hours of being online I have come across your site. I LOVED IT!! Thank you as there was so much out there that it was all starting to run together and become overwhelming. I really enjoyed the video and look forward to spending more time on your site. Thanks for all the great information and for keeping me motivated!

  53. JCC John Covell says:

    Thank you for sharing your great expertise with me. I will keep in touch. keep sending new info PLEASE

  54. JCC John Covell says:

    Thank you for sending me your information.

  55. edward says:

    Wow great ideas you are really giving me great ideas thanks cant wait for the next email video

  56. marilyn says:

    thank you for the video and the information, im new to etching but just bought a rotary multi tool so any info is appreciated. Video and information are clear, interesting and to the point thanks again looking forward to the next one

  57. stenio says:

    Ótimas ideias Eric Robert vou copiar algumas ideias suas no mês de abril vou comprar um gabinete de jateamento e o compressor no mês de junho quando estiver com o equipamento funcionando vou postar as fotos ,você poderia vender as sua video aulas em dvd boa noite.

  58. don says:

    been doing some acid etching, and want to do some sandblasting. I’m now living in the Philippines, where equipment is expensive, so will look at shipping small portable blaster in

  59. Danielle Mixon says:

    Found your video very informative can’t wait till the next video comes out so I can see the different ways to etch beside the cream.

  60. kelly stout says:

    Thank you, gave me some more idea’s. I have also found that olive oil bottle, or any small glass bottles make nice little humming bird feeders, and a nice touch is the etchings.

  61. Susan says:

    Thank you. Lots of good ideas. I work with the drill method and am now wanting to learn new techniques. Also,in addition to the glass you suggested,I also engrave glass plates.

  62. Marty says:

    I’ve been wanting to get into this for some time, thanks for my new beginning. :-)

  63. Judy says:

    Great ideas, Eric! I like to make homemade chocolate syrup and herbal vinegars for gifts. I save glass bottles with screw lids to use. This will allow a whole new presentation option! Looking forward to getting more ideas from you. Thanks so much!

  64. Mark A. Seecharan says:

    Excellent, I could see the homeless making some money, blessings to you

  65. BOBBY/DBRAC says:


  66. Brenda Taylor says:

    I just got my disability and am looking to get into the acid etching. I would like more information about it so I can make some extra cash. all of the ideas are great but I think the acid etching would be better for me to begin with

  67. Ken O says:

    Thanks for the ideas,am really looking forward to the rest of your videos

  68. Jeff O says:

    You must be busy etching anything you can get your hands on. :) Great tutorials and where to buy inexpensive items is a bonus. I just joined your newsletter and look forward to looking around at what you have to say. I’ve been etching for over 10 years now,but have only been using the Armor Etch cream. I’ve also taken the backs off of mirrors, pain in the ass using a razor blade and/or scratch board blade. Looking forward to more tips and tricks from ya. Bless you!

  69. Brendan says:

    Thanks for some great information and ideas

  70. oscar says:

    Very good stuff, and I.too but things set the dollar tree and are good to work on.but the ideas,i l liked three ideas you give

  71. Shirley Robinson says:

    The video was very informative. I can’t wait to get started. I am so glad I found your website and your information.

  72. Zelalem Addugna says:

    Hi Eric,
    I like your videos .Thanks. They are very informative even though they’re made for US residents but I still can benefit from it all the same. I would like to know more bout the stencils.What are they called. Do they have a general name or a commercial name? Because I get confuser with all the variety of names I found on the net.I wanted to order but I’m not sure how to order them. I live in Ethiopia,so you can guess to but from US is going to be a bit more expensive than like buying from Dubai.Could you please clarify this matter for me. Thanks Again

  73. Pam says:

    I am etching glasses for a bridal party. I need some pattern ideas please. Where can I get them?

  74. Milton says:

    A very nice video. Gives me hopes of being able to use these techniques. Was told contact paper makes a good stencil. Any comments? Also I just bought a sand blaster and wondered why type of media you use to etch or engrave glass?

  75. JOANN MCNEIL says:


  76. JOANN MCNEIL says:


  77. dave says:

    Thank you for your video.

    I wish to have a try at glass etching, although I am just about to have a try at etching with the cream, I am interested in sand blasting, where would i get the right sort of equipment for sand blasting, what sort of pressure would I look for, and if you have any links for equipment I would look into, this would be very helpful to me, I am located in the UK.

    Kind regards


  78. Kay Moore says:

    This looks very lucative and much more fun than etching cream. Thanks for the viedo and have a great night.

  79. Tony Augusta says:

    I hope everything work’s out,. for everyone willing to work for it . good people should have good thing’s happen . Thanks Again

  80. mike jones says:

    going to give glass etching a go. already have a vinyl cutter. thank you for the video

  81. William Graham says:

    New Member here and i just wanted to say thanks for the great information i do work now on glass with a dremel, never used creams looking forward to some new ideas ” This is a great site…

  82. SQ says:

    Lots of great ideas and excellent information. Looking forward to seeing video 2 and 3!

  83. SQ says:

    One quick question. I purchased a couple of ceramic coffee mugs and plan to etch them. After etching is it customary to seal the etched areas? Appreciate any and all help.


    • Eric Robert Eric Robert says:

      @SQ, people do seal them, but I don’t really care to. I have been using the same mugs that I sandcarved for years and they still look great.

  84. SQ says:

    I should add the mugs will be sandcarved.

  85. Donna-Marie says:

    I really appreciate the tips. I think you’re doing a fantastic job by keeping so many people around the world updated. Keep up the good work!

  86. Dean says:

    Good start for me, NOW, to find the proper equipment, are there any lightly used system out there? I have found several site online just haven’t decided which direction to go in

  87. September says:

    Etched Pyrex casserole dishes make excellent wedding gifts because everyone loves a personalized gift and there is never any doubt which dish at the potluck is yours. Some Pyrex won’t etch with the cream so I have just made the transistor to an air eraser. I look for casserole dishes at places like Big Lots since they are usually cheaper there. I enjoyed your video and look forward to the next one. While I have been etching with cream for quite a while, the air erasing is new to me and I will take all the help I can get.

  88. James says:

    Can you do color etchings and how detailed?

    Thanks for the info?


  89. Kathy says:

    Nice work on the video.
    At a trade show last fall, one of the demonstrators used translucent spray paint in fall colors to add multiple shades to an etched leaf. He mentioned the paint can be found at stores selling car paint.

  90. James G Woollacott says:

    Thanks for the info. I would like to see more tips on the trails, successes, and fails of you and your readers.

  91. GILL says:

    Hi Eric

    I am looking for a stencil with the word

    Please inform me were can i get one or can any one send me will pay the cost
    need to put this on a spray this on a metal cabinet
    Email :

  92. viney aggarwal says:

    good tips for good creation, thanks

  93. Reba says:

    Thanks for the info and some great ideas !!!

  94. Holly says:

    I love all your ideas! Can’t wait to gt started tomorrow!!!
    Thank you!

  95. Net says:

    trying to etch my wedding glasses, and not finding what I am looking for. thank you.

  96. Neta says:

    need patterns to etch wedding glasses.

  97. Kimberlea says:

    Did my first etch on a glass from the$.99store.made a Starburst from contact paper.I just love what ideas you have .I found you on pent rest can’t wait to learn more.

  98. Linda Berg says:

    Thank you Eric, lots of good info. I pinned you to my board and look forward to more video’s. I am new at this glass etching process but am having a blast giving gifts to my friends. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  99. PJ Lamb says:

    Thank you Eric! I am so glad to find your site with so many helpful tips on etching glass. Your instructions seem straightforward and simple to understand. I am anxious to try them out.

  100. Debby E says:

    Eric, I can’t wait to see your other videos. Keep them coming!

  101. Valerie Palmer says:

    I am so ready to get started on a hobby and I really like this idea. I am seriously interested in painted etching. Thanks so much for the time you took in helping me move forward.

  102. Reagan says:

    Great ideas and information.
    Can’t wait for second video.

  103. Dani says:

    Looking forward to seeing more of you tips and tricks.

  104. Sherri says:

    Thank you for the information. I am just looking for information about glass etching and this information was very helpful. I purchased several items at my local Dollar Tree and can’t wait for my Dremel to arrive tomorrow. Keep up the great work.

  105. rondo says:

    thanks eric for the creative ideas

  106. rondo says:

    great stuff

  107. Joey says:

    Great ideas

  108. Dan in DC says:

    Thanks Eric! I’m new to this, but feel motivated to learn more. Much appreciated.

  109. Victor says:

    This is all new to me, so thanks for all of the great tips and ideas!!!

  110. Albert says:

    Hey Eric, thanks for sharing your tips tricks and ideas.

  111. Rakesh says:

    Thanks Eric
    Cool & helpful

  112. José Mancisidor says:

    I have a small pressurized tank and abrasive does not flow, use aluminum oxide 180, which type of valve need, Greetings

  113. Esther Martinez says:

    Hi Eric
    Thanks for the great ideas as far as items to do some glass etching on. I didn’t read all the other comments, but clear coffee mugs would also be great to do some personalized glass etching on. Now if I need to find some motivation to get started.

  114. Edward Alaniz says:

    I loved it this really opened up more jobs that will lead to more jobs thanks so much very awesome can’t wait to try out all of them

  115. John Penry says:

    Dollar Tree is great for Glass items. I try to find glass without too much curve. Great video.

  116. Gerard says:

    Hi Eric, thanks for the fine video. I learn much, I know now, wich items to use for glasetching and how to begin with.

  117. Sheila WoodardBlevins says:

    Thank you for all the good info….I’m getting ready for my 1st project and I’m really excited to try it…can’t wait until the next video

  118. Louis Krueger says:

    I like what I see maybe I will be able to do better

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