How to Apply a Stencil to Curved Glass Surfaces

This page shows two overall ways to allow a stencil to align on a curved glass. The first shows a video from a manufacturer on how to apply their photoresist stencils to a multi-curved glass surface. The second way is to find the radius which I show you step by step how to do and enter the measurement into software.

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  1. Linda Taylor says:

    This was so helpful! I just ran into this problem this weekend as I am repurposing wine bottles by making them into decorative pieces. They have a slant to them and I wanted to sandblast a phrase onto one side. I could not figure out how to apply the resist and keep the words straight. Thank you for posting this. (I love Rayzist, btw)

  2. Allan Stephens says:

    How do you go about wine and champagne glasses.

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