Module 2

Module Designated for Stenciling, Designing, & Patterns

Stenciling & Computer Software- List of different ways to use your computer software for creating stencils. Explains:
Stenciling Processes Overview- Discusses the overview of different stenciling processes that you can use such as tracing stencil method, print on stencil method, machine cutting method, & photoresist method.

Tracing Stencil- This was shown in Module 1. For the simpler stenciling process using tracing & graphite paper, you can refer back to the Basic Stenciling Tutorial here in Module 1.

Print on Stencil Method- Explains the benefit instead of using tracing paper. Shows the basic process, materials needed, & tips when printing.

Using craft cutters for glass etching.Craft Cutters- Page talking about using a craft cutter, custom designing your own patterns with third party software, and a list of small craft cutters that you can use.
Vinyl Cutter Introduction- Shows a brief overview of the vinyl cutter and provides information on selecting a vinyl cutter for surface etching or sandcarving. Lists low cost & professional grade vinyl cutters.
Cutter tutorial link.Vinyl Cutter Tutorial- A step by step tutorial of how to create a stencil from creating a vector pattern from a raster, to applying the stencil onto the glass.
vinyl cutting software link.Cutting Software & My Free Recommendation- Explains more about my suggested free vinyl cutting software, how to crack the code to get the full version, and other fixes for this software.
Photo Resist Tutorial- Step by step tutorial on how to produce a photoresist starting from software to developing the stencil.
Photo Resist Manufacturer Tutorials- These are instructional videos brought to you by the manufacturers or distributors of photoresist stencils.
RapidMask Detailed Instructions- Ikonic Imaging’s detailed instructional videos showing how to develop their RapidMask photoresist film with a bunch of other tips.
Connecting Washout Nozzle- How to connect a washout nozzle to your sink with different threads.
Inexpensive photoresist Washout Nozzle options- Ways to cut cost of using a washout nozzle.
Preventing Photo Resist Wash Off & Sandblast Blow Offs- A list of reasons and solutions that I have realized causing problems that typically arise using the photoresist when washing off or while sandblasting.
How to Apply a Stencil to Curved Glass Surfaces- Learn technique of how to apply a stencil to a multi-curved surface.

Software for Designing Stencil Patterns- See what software can do for you to help easily and professionally create or edit designs used for glass etching. What it can do to help with resizing, rotating, adding text, editing, & cleaning up a pattern. Typical helpful tools.

Vector Software & Information Tutorial- Information on how to use the free vector software for quickly and inexpensively tracing patterns automatically.

GIMP-tutorialsGIMP Tutorials- Information on basic graphic design software you can use to edit your patterns before making a stencil out of them.

Link on how to get a lot of etching patterns.Unlimited Sources of Patterns, Designs, & Graphics- My secrets to accessing unlimited free & inexpensive sources for glass etching & sandcarving patterns in raster & vector formats.
Link to various stencil materials.Stencil Material List- A list of different vinyl or rubber sheets to use for creating stencils out of. See my list for glass etching stencils and sandcarving resists.

Other Tutorials

Etching a signature in glass.Creating an Etched Signature- A video about etching your signature on glass with different methods.


sandcarving intro tutorial.Sandcarving Tutorial- I know some people are excited to learn more about sandcarving so I posted this tutorial which shows a step by step with pictures. (Pattern created by Ruth Webb Lee.) I still am working on creating some videos for later modules. Stay tuned. There is also a basic sandcarving tutorial in the Glass Etching Secrets ebook in the bonus section.
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