Module 3

Etching Techniques Module

Intaglio and high relief etching techniques video.Intaglio & High Relief Techniques- I commonly call this the positive and negative etching. The video shows the different possibilities of etching white sections or black sections. Also discusses inverting pattern for photoresist stenciling and how to exclude background of pattern for high relief etchings.

Combining Cream & Sandblasting Techniques video.Combining Cream & Sandblasting Techniques- Unique ways to create interesting effects by combining different processes together.

Single stage sandcarving tutorial.Single Stage Sandcarving Tutorial- Step by step tutorial on how to sandcarve glass with a single stage. Also explains the settings you typically need and other helpful information. Pattern created by Ruth Webb Lee.

Double Stage Sandcarving Tutorial- Shows steps to make a more realistic and beautiful etching using 2 stage sandcarving techniques.

Multi-Stage Sandcarving Tutorial (Simple)- Shows steps to make a more realistic and beautiful etching using multi stage sandcarving techniques. Pattern created by Ruth Webb Lee.

advanced sandcarving with multi-stage patterns.Multi-Stage Sandcarving Tutorial (Advanced)- Another tutorial but this time views more advanced multi-stage sandcarving with a detailed pattern.

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