Module 7

For this module I wanted to talk a little bit about mirror etching for both cream & sandblast etching. Plus information on what mirrors are made of and how they are manufactured. Then I will be showing you some interesting artistic techniques that you’ve probably never seen before.

Image link to how mirrors are made. How Mirrors are Made Video- Video shows how they are made and what types of materials are used to give reflections.

Link to sandblasting mirrors. Sandblasting Mirror Front & Back Tutorial- An interesting process of sandblasting a mirror on both sides.

Cream etching mirror tutorial link. Etching Mirrors with Cream- Tutorial shows photos of steps to etch a mirror with cream with some tips.

Mirroring a etching. Mirroring a Etching Tutorial- Shows a unique process of adding silver mirroring to the backside of an etching.

mirroring How to Mirror Yourself Video- Video shows the detailed process of mirroring a glass yourself with the kit.

mirror paint Alternative Mirror Paint for Etching- I discovered another cool way to enhance etchings with this mirror paint. Plus a experiment with chrome paint and what that looks like.

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