Module 8

In the previous module I discussed a lot about adding mirror silvering to enhance your etchings. Now I want to extend off that module and show you some super cool things you can do by painting your etchings. For this module you will see some really cool types of paint that I have experimented with. I already tested most types of paints so you know what is the best, plus I’ll show you where to get this paint inexpensively.

Link to transparent painting Transparent Paint to Etched Glass Tutorial- A unique tutorial showing some transparent paints that I tested and what it looks like. Also inexpensive place to buy them and save money.

About airbrushing glass paint Airbrushing on Glass Paint- This page discusses essential information on airbrushing, selecting the right thinners, mixing, and spraying the paint correctly. Shows sources for a low cost airbrush that I use and thinners.

Link to sandblasting mirrors. Awesome Metallic Paints Tutorial- Super cool paints tutorial to add unique metallic coloring to your etched glass. Shows where to get them inexpensively and how to do it.

Mirror and transparent paint tutorial. Transparent Paint with Etched Mirrors Tutorial- A cool technique of back etching mirrors and using transparent paint.

Painting etched pumpkin. Another Painting Tutorial Except on Etched Cups- This is the same paint used on our sandblasting, but this time on a etched cup with a Halloween theme.

Fusing colors Fusing Colors into your Etched Glass- Discusses options of adding an elegant and permanent fused glass colors to your etching similar to ceramic glazing.

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