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Module 10

Shade Blasting Video Tutorial- Shows the basics to get you started with shading techniques for etching. Shows an example by an air brush artist.

More Tips & Suggestions on Etched Shading- Section provides more info with an article on Dave’s shade blasting, a take away section from Dave, and suggestions for micro sandblasters, print out paper to use, & tips on converting it to grayscale for easier blasting.

Module 11

Making Your Etched Glass Glow- I explain my research on products that make your glass glow with a tutorial on how to do it.

Module 12

Etching Wine Bottles & Adding Paint- Discusses the topic of adding paint to etched glass bottles. Contains info on paints to use, tips, & steps.

Business of Selling Etched & Painted Wine Bottles- Information on selling wine bottles to the ceremony market, marketing solutions for new leads, & videos on what other companies are doing.

Module 13

Making Etched Glowing Bottles- Learn about interesting ideas of making a glowing etched bottles and ideas on making the etching stand out.

Mirroring & Etching a Bottle Decoration- Discusses making a mirrored bottle decoration, mirroring kits for low prices, and how to do it.

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