With a little imagination, you can easily create marvelous artwork.

Glass etching is a process that abrades or chemically eats areas of shapes or patterns into the glass which creates a rough frosted image. The frosted areas become noticeable with an elegant and unique white appearance. The design is elegant because the details that make up the image are nothing but the glass itself. I consider it to be a unique type of glass art because it can be done through multiple techniques.

If you’d like to see other examples, then check out some of my simple etched glasses or check out my new "project ideas" gallery.

Saving Time & Money

I became a huge fan of etching years ago and was astonished by the creativity and endless possibilities of what types of items you could create. My first idea was to start a business doing this line of work, so I sought after inexpensive equipment. I found a lot of sources and learned how to get into this industry at lower prices, so I turned that business idea around to create this site offering my information manual which is aimed to help others. Click on the cover below to get a glimpse of it:

Featured Video

View the fun video to see an overview of what my materials are about to save money and time, while creating marvelous glass art whether you are a hobbyist or would like to start a business.

Download Free Etching Patterns

Check this out... Get my free glass etching patterns to use for simple projects or sandcarving intricate designs. Simply download and resize them to fit your glass. >> Download them here.

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Landscape Sandblasted Rocks with Outdoor Sealer

Danny Elser shared these unique sandblasted rocks with various design through the form. I thought they had a unique, clean appearance that I loved and asked him if he polished them of some sort. Danny stated that he grinded the rock surface and used an outdoor sealer, which I am guessing is what give it somewhat of a shine! He shared the below description of how he makes these, along

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Sandblasted Wood, Glass & Stone Signs

Ross Wease sent in these sandblasted projects through the submission form which consists of glass signs, a stone and a wood sign! Technically, I call the stone a sign as well since it displays an establishment. This is a great post because I have been wanting to discuss sandblasting wood signs, so I hope this gives you an idea. At least three of his projects shown required the sandcarving process.

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New Site & Easy Form to Feature Your Etched Glass

I am rather excited to share with everyone the new website which has many upgrades: It is now mobile friendly so you can view the website better on mobile and other screen sizes like tablets. We are now featuring the blog posts on the home page! You can now submit your etched glass or any type of sandcarvings through the easy form here. Submit your etched glass projects by filling

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Etching Fillable Lamps

This featured post shows the work submitted to me by Jay Swartz. He thought that everyone wouldn’t like these since the etchings are specific to Martha’s Vineyard, but I think the overall idea alone will give you some creative project ideas! I haven’t thought of this, but he etched fillable lamps which were then filled with sand and shells to look like the beach. Just think how creative you could

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Sandblasting Concrete Block, Decor Mirror & Glasses

This featured sandblasting work was submitted by Cheryl. I thought these were cool and will give you some great ideas! This shows the great variety of items that can be sandblasted. She sandblasted a concrete block which others may call a patio stone, a decorational mirror, pilsner glasses and a shorter glass which might be called a tumbler. She provided the below details: For the concrete block, I used a rubber resist, 80 grit silicon carbide abrasive, blasted at 45lbs/pressure. The resist cut like butter. Any pressure higher made the details blow away. The other pictures are examples using contact paper/pencil blaster cut with my silhouette.