With a little imagination, you can easily create marvelous artwork.

Glass etching is a process that abrades or chemically eats areas of shapes or patterns into the glass which creates a rough frosted image. The frosted areas become noticeable with an elegant and unique white appearance. The design is elegant because the details that make up the image are nothing but the glass itself. I consider it to be a unique type of glass art because it can be done through multiple techniques.

If you’d like to see other examples, then check out some of my simple etched glasses or check out my new "project ideas" gallery.

Saving Time & Money

I became a huge fan of etching years ago and was astonished by the creativity and endless possibilities of what types of items you could create. My first idea was to start a business doing this line of work, so I sought after inexpensive equipment. I found a lot of sources and learned how to get into this industry at lower prices, so I turned that business idea around to create this site offering my information manual which is aimed to help others. Click on the cover below to get a glimpse of it:

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View the fun video to see an overview of what my materials are about to save money and time, while creating marvelous glass art whether you are a hobbyist or would like to start a business.

Download Free Etching Patterns

Check this out... Get my free glass etching patterns to use for simple projects or sandcarving intricate designs. Simply download and resize them to fit your glass. >> Download them here.

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Reverse Etched Christmas Flute Glasses

I am a bit late in posting this, but the idea is still great and will give you ideas. Tracy Bird etched some of her reverse etched glasses, which I believe are champagne flutes. See also etched these amazing wedding glasses. The glasses were etched with the Christmas theme. As you can see, the first photo shows three different patterns etched of a snowflake, reindeer and Christmas tree design. Tracy

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Mirror Backing Engraved LED Signs & Personalized Frames

Dana Long shared these photos of mirrors engraved from the back side and lit up with LED lights for both businesses and personalized gifts. She stated they were done with the Dremel tool which is another way to get through the painting and silver backing in addition to ways I mentioned in using the sandblasting or chemicals. Not only have I never talked much about using a rotary engraver to

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Upcycle EZ-Cut Bottle Cutter Kit

We are now launching our own bottle cutter brand, the Upcycle EZ-Cut. After testing out other bottle cutting kits, I set out to make my own inexpensive cutting device that cuts better and decided to offer it to others. Details: Bottle cutting doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience. Other cutters have a small success rate with many broken bottles for every 1 good bottle produced. But now you can

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Glass Painting with Stencils by Jade Elizabeth

Jade Elizabeth contacted me a while back after trying out our translucent glass paints and she had some questions that we wanted to share here because it might help others out. She was also nice enough to share her painted glass projects she did!   Another point of this post was to emphasize that you can paint over a regular cut-out stencil (as you may use for etching) like she

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Harley Davidson Engraved Mirror & Getting Permission to Use Copyright Logos

I am happy to share another engraving from Suzanne Travelstead! See her previous dremel engravings here. She was nice enough to share the details on how she engraved this Harley Davidson mirror. I have sandblast etched their logo before, but can’t find the photo. It is interesting to note that she mentions that she got permission to use the logo after making some changes to it. This brings up the point, that you should always ask permission from the company if you plan on selling your work or else it would infringe on their copyright. It is great to see that the Harley Davidson motorcycle company was nice enough to allow this with a few tweaks. I imagine the professional sports team logos are the least lenient organizations to allow

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