With a little imagination, you can easily create marvelous artwork.

Glass etching is a process that abrades or chemically eats areas of shapes or patterns into the glass which creates a rough frosted image. The frosted areas become noticeable with an elegant and unique white appearance. The design is elegant because the details that make up the image are nothing but the glass itself. I consider it to be a unique type of glass art because it can be done through multiple techniques.
If you’d like to see other examples, then check out some of my simple etched glasses or check out my new "project ideas" gallery.

Saving Time & Money

I became a huge fan of etching years ago and was astonished by the creativity and endless possibilities of what types of items you could create. My first idea was to start a business doing this line of work, so I sought after inexpensive equipment. I found a lot of sources and learned how to get into this industry at lower prices, so I turned that business idea around to create this site offering my information manual which is aimed to help others. Click on the cover below to get a glimpse of it:

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View the fun video to see an overview of what my materials are about to save money and time, while creating marvelous glass art whether you are a hobbyist or would like to start a business.

Download Free Etching Patterns

Check this out… Get my free glass etching patterns to use for simple projects or sandcarving intricate designs. Simply download and resize them to fit your glass. >> Download them here.

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Best Economical Sandblaster Nozzle Tip for Long-Life & Performance

For those that are subscribed to the membership area, you have heard me talk about the different materials used to make sandblaster nozzles, but I wanted to share some more information in detail. It may be surprising for some people when I say the high priced nozzle tips are actually more economical in the long run. So getting the best nozzle tip will actually save you a lot of money,

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ROCTEC® Composite Carbide Nozzle Tips for Sandblasting

Made of a composite carbide material, the ROCTEC technology is one of the longest lasting sandblasting nozzle tips to hold up to aggressive abrasive like aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. Long lasting nozzle saves you hundreds to thousands of dollars. Holds blasting performance so you can carve deep and quick at all times. Reduces likelihood of stopping in the middle of blasting your project to replace the tip. Recommended for

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Fun Etched Glasses Turned Holiday Candle Holders

Sheila Knight shared this fun holiday etching with me earlier this year after we posted Tracy’s reverse etched Christmas project here. Sheila was nice enough to feature it here. I wanted to wait until the holiday season started so I am sharing it today to give you some festive ideas. She basically reverse etched some mismatched glasses to represent a snowman. The stencils can easily be cut out from stencil

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How to Sandblast Stone Signs with Address Numbers & Graphics

I wanted to share with you a simple project I did a while back and explain the steps of how to sandblast stone signs to display an home address in a decorative way. These rocks can be big or small to add to your landscape to give it character and make your front yard unique but helpful. They are also popular. Some folks want their family name to be displayed,

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Sandcarving LED Glass Stands

Gilly Saucedo sent over some of his latest sandcarving items that I thought were cool. He used some nice looking blue LEDs that were placed in glass holder stands and frames. I also want to discuss the interesting idea he used of sandblast-carving designs into LED glass stands. I have worked with these LED stands a little bit. Sandcarving Plastic Glass Types without Burning Tip: As you can see in his butterfly example, he used the 2 stage sandcarving technique done on a glass stand that is lit up by LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes. One thing I realized when doing these is if it is made out of a softer plastic glass, sandcarving deep into it can start to burn the plastic. It will be easier to carve into

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